Where to Find Free and Discounted MP3s and Online Music

In life, music has become essential.  From working out at the gym to relaxing at your home to listening in the car, music is inescapable.  Unfortunately, spending has become inescapable as well.  With the pace that the music is changing now, with new hits coming out every day, it's becoming very hard to not drive up those music bills.

Thankfully, there are some ways around spending the big bucks for those new tunes.

Bargain Shopping

Sometimes it's hard waiting for the new songs you like to go on sale, but with the amount saved, it's definitely worth the wait.  Try going to used stores and getting the same material for less money - many people buy the music, download it to their computer, and sell it right away.  Other places to look for cheap music are the online sites that allow you to either purchase the music and have it sent to you or download the content to your computer.

Try checking out:

  • iTunes - download the music player to your computer and check out the iTunes Store for albums under $5
  • Amazon - it has music to download on sale at all times and it's constantly rotated to add new things
  • Best Buy - either head into the store or check online for the music they have on sale
  • Target - again, either head into the store or check online for on sale music

There are many different places to check out and these are only some of them.

FREE music

There is nothing sweeter than the sound of free music.  Sometimes you find that new bands trying to get their music heard or known bands will place links on their websites with a free download of their songs.  If you're not set on a certain song and just want new things in your library, there are some other ways to get new interesting music.

Try checking out:

  • iTunes - again, download the music player and check out their FREE on iTunes, which is updated weekly with new songs and discovery downloads
  • MTV - every month or so, check their free downloads for new songs
  • Amazon - in addition to music for purchase, they also have free song downloads

If you're a college student, definitely check out Ruckus - it has millions of songs and it's free and legal for college students from the affiliate colleges listed on the website.  Unfortunately, the site doesn't work for the apple/mac users, as the systems don't allow those users to play the music downloaded.

Finding new music to add to your library is easy and now, due to the Internet, it is also cheaper.  Although, don't forget to check out those bargain stores for music!


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